September 30, 2001

Ooee, Audio Dregs is insound's label of the week. When I clicked to that page, I thought I did just a coincidence, woopeecreamcheese! There are tons of things I want to get at insound; Hydro Electric by Phonem, Monochrome Plural by Fizzarum, and something by Gimmik. I try to avoid getting anything vinyl if possible since I would kind of need to get a new record player...ugh...but I'll buy something if I think I'll really like it (which could explain those 7 Beck records, coming in all different sizes and colors, oo) . But it's about time, I think the one my family has now is 30 (or more?) years old. And no one really uses it. But whenever I used it I manage to break the needle, because...I'm stupid. :)

I'm not going through some strange techno phase if anyone is wondering (probably not), but somehow I found some stuff I like, which is pretty cool because who doesn't like finding stuff Uhhhh...anyway, I am now listening to Svefn-G-Englar. I've been listening to Sigur Ros for, what, 10 months, and I still can't remember how to spell/say/remember the song titles. Then again, I'm not trying. But still, you'd think by now this stuff would be ingrained in my head. THEN again, I still don't know most of the names of the roads around my house, and I've lived here for most of my life. That is more sad I think. At least I know the address of my house.

It's SUNDAY. That means...POOO...yeah, POO. I have a ton of homework to do. I've managed to finish my math, and that's all. Now I just have history, English, Physics, and Russian. Well, Russian is just studying, and for history I have to draw something. Physics, I don't even know what to do anyway, so maybe I should just screw that. And English...well...I dunno what to do for that either. So maybe I don't have as much work as I thought I did. In THAT case, maybe I'll just take a nap...wee!

Wow, I already got...5 votes for my poll. deliciousghost is winning once again, 3 to 2. Take the poll!


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