September 19, 2001

Okay, now my Beck site works? I mean...the free websites will be discontinued on October 7th, but it wasn't working so I figured mine was dead already. Oh well, still got a few weeks. I thought what would be a nice thing to do would be to set up my own domain somewhere, like or something Beck related, and host other Beck sites. Or if you're my friend, I'll host your site (cos you know, there are SOO many of you out there...ha) and have a great big happy community of people who love me.

...or something. Wait. You can't buy love...NEVERRRR...but I think it'd be cool if a bunch of my friends and I could set up something. Then again we've semi-discussed this before and never really did anything. precious! The idea of blowing $200+ on a website for a YEAR seems astronomical to me, but then through allowance I get...a lot more than $200 a year. Still. $200 could buy me a lot of Pocky! (Pocky is a yummy Japanese snack if you're wondering...and it comes in so many flavors! Buy some Pocky today!)

I got an e-mail from Nevin Martell (who wrote that book about Beck) and I thought that was cool...I must have put something on my Beck site about it, and there were like 2 covers for the book but he decided to change it at the last minute...and I bought that book in part because my site is mentioned and FOOPer, I'm still a bit angry, you understand. It wasn't even like a great big site but there are only so many things in my life I can be proud of...when I think about it, there ISN'T much to be proud of. I can think of many things not to beb proud of...

Today in gym we played frisbee baseball. I wouldn't call it fun, but definitely better than REAL baseball, I mean, frisbee's have more air time. Unless you chuck it into the ground for some reason. I guess it's a joky in my class that I hardly speak, cos today the teacher said...something to me...oh yeah he handed me a frisbee, and he said to the class something in the line of "By the end of the year, I'll have a real conversation with Robyn"...HHAHAHA guffaw I laugh. At least I wasn't in a bad mood or I could have taken that the wrong way. Maybe we WILL have a real conversation, but I kind of doubt it. :)

We have this new football field, and it's made of fake grass and crap, and there's all this rubber crap on the field. It's kind of like dirt. It makes the field kind of springy, but it's gross cos it's wet in the morning and sticks all over your shoes and on the frisbees that land on the "grass"...hmmmmmmmmhmhmh well supposedly the rubber crap is supposed to settle out at some point.

Physics...still poop.

History is...weird. People in my class are annoying. There is a really big difference between CD classes and H/AP classes in this sense. These people just don't know when to stop talking and give the teacher some form of respect. And it's not like my teacher is annoying. She doesn't have enough authority over the people in my class though. She's not scary or anything. Hmmm. And there's a guy in my class who doesn't really say anything, kind of like me I guess (how sad) and there's this guy who keeps annoying him during class and it annoys me too, cos I don't really understand why anyone would do that, yeah? That's me, I've got a HEART of GOLD!...

Well, at least 18 karat. Maybe.

I ate eel today! In school! (I put it in a thermos)...and then I came home, and ate some MORE!...eel. And then I ate an orange. And then I ate a banana. And then I ate this little pasty thing I got from the Minamoto Kitchoan. And then I ate...something else from there, it's like a bean, something, I dunno, it's yummy. Do I have homework to do? Why am I here? I feel like all my friends are busier than I am, so what am I doing? Hm.

I need mittens...NOW! MITTEEEENS! I was bitten by a kitten wearing mittens. No I wasn't.

I picked a Russian name today...Polina. It wasn't the prettiest or the ugliest name, so hey good enough for me! Written in Russian it's Полина (if it looks like Ïîëèíà then that's not correct. It might look different on your computer, I dunno...:P). At least I hope so. I'm supposed to know all the letters's pretty easy to write. The Russian alphabet isn't that hard either, it's very phoenetic. Still, reading words goes very sloooowly. :P

Last night at around 9:15 PM, I'm lying on my bed thinking "Ooo maybe I'll go to bed early, yeah!" and then...I hear something. Strange. My radio was on, so I turn is off and HOLY JESUS CHRIST I hear the DRUM LINE of the marching band! What is this? I mean...COME ON I can't escape the terrors of marching band even in my own home? Like quitting wasn't enough. Really, at that moment, I was really angry! And I don't really get angry a lot. Because hearing the drums reminds me of marching band and I hated it for my own reason...some of you know, yeah? I don't live right nex to the school...I live pretty close, I can grant you that, but I'm going to assume the drum line was practicing on the field and that itself is faaarther away, and...JESUS! I hope that doesn't happen again.


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