September 26, 2001

Now you MUST help me! I made a poll:

Help me!
What name should I choose for my new domain? (ending with .com, .net, or...something else? I'm not sure yet)










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I think the poll will last for 5 days. You can also take the poll here. So vote! (please?) The idea isn't really to suggest another name, so if you can help it, don't suggest another one, unless you think I'll DEFINITELY choose it. :)

Lina didn't put up the Bjork pictures I scanned from Cut magazine. That's why I scanned em! So other people could see em and...make them happy! Maybe I can use them for something else. If not... :( I mean, she told me where I could upload them, but I didn't understand what to do (which happens a lot) so I uploaded them somewhere else and told her, and then I never heard back from her. I guess it's possible she didn't get my e-mail but I definitely don't want to e-mail her back and find out, because I feel bad enough already and I hate annoying people (when I say that I mean annoying as a verb, not an adjective, you see?), although...I think I am pretty annoying, no? Lina seems nice though, I'm sure nothing is her fault (stuff is almost always my fault if you must know). Oh well, I have nothing else to contribute to the bjork community. And today I realized why the main page is called munity because then it's yeah? Actually, at the top of the page it says mutiny, is that a typo? Because that doesn't make any sense. The URL works...gee, that's a pretty stupid typo. Maybe they should fix that.

I wish I wasn't stupid, really! :( I mean, why would anyone wish otherwise? Sigh.


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