September 24, 2001

Man, what the hell am I doing? It's like 10:15 and I'm sitting here. Crap, I didn't write my Russian yet. Well I can do that tomorrow I guess. Eh. Foo.

Garg the TV doesn't work. I can't see any of the stations that have 10 o clock news. I'm kind of curious as to what's...HAPPENING in the world, yeah? I guess I could just go to a website and read the news, but I'd much rather just watch TV. Reading words makes me bored after a while. Are you bored yet?

OO I think it's going to rain! Yay! No soccer! I hope.

Listening to another new Aphex Twin song, "Cock 10 (Delco Freedom Mix)"...hmhmmhmh foofer, it's okay. I think I like "54 Cymru Beats" better though. At warp records they're selling a two track CD of those...two tracks...before the album comes out. Should I buy? I guess not.

God I should go to bed. I haven't even taken a shower yet. Is anyone reading this? Man, what the hell do people do all day? I ask that question and no one ever seems to answer. Obviously, I should be doing something better with my time than writing in this, but oh well. Thus, the pathetic stream of life continues, yay!


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