September 23, 2001

Man, I should have recorded this show. Conan's fightin with a rubber crocodile! Actually, I saw that episode already. HAHAHAHA GOD Max is crazy, neehehehe! He shot Andy!...Richter. Man...

CONAN IN IRELAND! I never saw THIS episode. Hehe. OHMYGOD! This is so funny, he's being chased by little Irish school kids. Aw. How...sad. I can't wait til the summer, then I can see a taping of Conan. Actually, I could go ANYTIME, technically speaking, because I could go to NY right after school, but I thought it'd be best to wait until the summer. Oh yeah, my brother will be back, so he'll wanna go that's another reason.

Jesus christ, right now there's a clip of Johnny Rotton on the Late Show with Tom Snyder and he looked eerily like Thom. Actually, it's probably more the other way around, but anyway, I got scared. The red haaair! Spoooky.


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