September 14, 2001

Lina wrote this on her website:

How could I possibly go to sleep?

Getting dressed again.
Finding comfort by the keyboard.

Just read this:
Björk dedicated one Song for the people in NYC called "Manhattan". She cried. What is a Björk-gig when so many People died today. Michael, Stuttgart 23.55"

I feel guilty for feeling relieved that she wasn't there. That she is safe. That she is alive. But the world is scary enough right now without the comfort and hope her music gives me. I need her to keep being constant.

The idea of 10 000 people gone is too big to grip.
It makes me nauseous.

Somehow, the only song I can hear over and over in my head is Radiohead's "How To Disappear Completely"...

I'm not here
This isn't happening

:( At least Bjork wasn't in NY at the time...I mean, she lives there now, but...yeah...and How To Disappear Completely would be really sad now, so I wouldn't even try listening to it.

I think Broadway shows are resuming today, and I'd think it's hard to put on a show, especially if it's a comedy or something. How do you put on a show, you know? It's a job but eh...I dunno..

This is just crazy...some people never learn. Humans just get more terrible...

Z100 has a webcam up which shows the NYC skyline and it's pretty cool. Z100 is so different now, I mean now they don't play as much "annoying" music, and it's interesting to hear them talk about all this stuff because they're not a news radio station, it's not like...well I dunno, I was listening to NPR and the tone is just different with the two radio stations. Maybe more...normal? Conversational...down to earth...yeah. And then every now and then they play a song that I've never heard before on Z100, or ever in general...


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