September 24, 2001

Jesus, THIS is disturbing! I found that there's a link to my site, and then I'm like AHH! I mean, it's just kind of creepy. Beck! What is with these people?! :P

..anyway. Who thinks I need a hair cut? I mean, not necessarily chop off a few inches, but maybe get it cut in some way? It's so freakin LONG now, I've never had hair all past my shoulders. Professional hair salons have been uncharted territory for me for the past 3 years, hehe. They've got scissors...SCAARYY! DON'T HURT MEEE! I don't think I'd look good with bangs. Yeah, hair is annoying. It's not like I'm into hair styles or have any...female role models to look to? Well I have my Bjork book. Hmmm...nope, nuttin there (the book is cool though, buy it! Actually, I was a little disappointed at first, but hey it was about 25 bucks on amazon, so I guess it's a good deal). Bjork has had some cool hair dos though. Now her hair is kind of messy and all over the place, my mum hates it. :)


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