September 23, 2001

I'm watching the 50 years of Late Night thing on NBC...David Letterman is funnnyy, heehee. I would have liked to watch the old shows. He seem to do more stufff on the old shows, you know what I mean? Also, Paul...with hair! It's just nuts, I'm tellin ya...Dave with hair! ...okay, he still has hair, but not as much, you see? He kind of has a comma shaped doodah on his head now.

...I wish I could stay up allll night and watch late shows. Quality television, it's all right there! RIGHTthere! Ohmygod, how cute, a doggy walkin, it looks kinda scary. Right now they're showing stupid pet tricks. Remember when that dog bit Dave?...*dead silence*...okay!

GAH CONAN'S HEAD! So large! He's hosting the show. He's being pretty boring though, I don't think he can *shine* just HOSTING a show. He can't act stupid! CONAAAAN! YOU RULE EVERYYYTHING!

*that was a slight exaggeration*...

I've been eating this soy ice cream stuff, and it tastes just like ice cream. Really yummy! But I should try not eating soy ice cream...or any dessert type thing.

What the ::beep::...I got this e-mail from CrushLink, but I have no crushes, so this is kind of pointless. *delete*...I know about three guys, yeah?'s a FEEEmaaale! Uhoh. I'M NOT A LESBIAN!

...anyway! You know what's good? Brownies with nuts in em. You know what else is good? Nuts covered in BROWNIE!


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