September 17, 2001

I had another weiiirrrd dream last night. Yikes! There were like...terrorists at my school. Hmmm. Actually, what I remember is the principal saying that our school was hijacked, which doesn't make sense so I'm going to say terrorists.

The school was supposed to be TAS I was gigantic. First of all, we had gym class and we played basketball. After that I remember changing out my my gym clothes and not hearing the bell ring...I was trying to get to my physics class and all these people were taking elevators somewhere. I decided it woudl be faster to take an elevator (for some reason there were a whole bunch of them) and so I took it to the second floor and it didn't look like school at all. It had turned dark and rainy, and my watch stopped working. Then I heard the principal on the loudspeaker telling us that we were in danger or something. Still, I was thinking that I had to get to my class, so I walked around, although I had no idea where I was. I somehow got to this area that was like a gigantic mall...except it was really nice, there were chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and I was just walking around. I asked some clerks how to get to the junior locker area and they didn't know, and one lady said to look in my book that would say where it was or something? I don't think I ever found out.

At some point I saw my mum...and then it was sunny and not raining, and I wasn't even in school anymore. We were like in some place..that was surrounded by trees and dirt and stuff, like...I dunno. I had a choice to leave by going to the right or left, and I went left first, but that was wrong, so I had something that was supposed to go back in time and then I could go right, and it was really weird.

...anyway! I'm tired. 5 days of hellll to live through. And then NEXT week I think I get a 4 day weekend...I can't wait.


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