September 15, 2001

I ate so much today.

Anyway. The beginning..I had two VERY strange dreams last night. One was terrorist related, and the other was just reaaaaalllly weird, but ANYWAY! The first dream was weird, I think I was in a mall with some friends, and these guys cam ein with guns and told us to give them money...yeah, that sounds more liek buglars but they weren't really, but they DIDN'T take our money and they had these giant SUVs. And...some other machinery...and they were like running over people. It was weird, man! Not like scary, more like "Huh?" And then we escaped by jumping out of a window and swimming to the shore (we were by water? I dunno)...and that was it. HUH? Weird...

The second dream I couldn't even begin to describe, but there was a dude who died and came back to life...and wanted to kill me or something? Cos I kind of killed him? Um.

Yeaaah, so for LUNCH, my mum and I went to a yummy Indian was a BUFFET! YAY! And then we went to Edgewater. There's a gigantic American flag hanging over the George Washington Bridge. Well...kind of over it. Kind of not. If you saw it you'd know what I mean. You can see white smoke rising from where the Twin Towers were. :(

But I was generally in a good mood. My mum and I went to Mitsuwa and Kinokuniya, where I got Rockin On with Bjork..and there's Radiohead and Beck in there, yay! We got lots of yummy stuff at Mitsuwa, lots of nice desserts from the Minamoto Kitchoan (I may have spelled that wrong, but anyway they make nice desserts with red bean and jelly and fruits and stuff) so we sat somewhere by the edge of the Hudson river and just sat there eating. Oo. Oh yeah, we also got some postcards. Most of them with any pictures of the Twin Towers are gone, but we found a handful so we got...those.

I'm going to eat a cookie...yummmm...


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