September 23, 2001

I ate a lot of pastriiies. Eh. Last night some cousins were over and they brought a box of little pastries and they were kind of small, so I ate...three of em? Um. Well now they're all mushed up in my digestive juices, isn't that nice?

It's SUNDAY! GARG crappit I hope it rains tomorrow. I think it's supposed to. In gym we're starting soccer. Everyone knows what soccer is, right? The gym teacher was telling us about one of his students that didn't know what a soccer ball was, that's kind of scary. I'm no good at soccer though, but I can say the same about any sport. The only things I don't totally suck at are tennis and badmitton, and I'm pretty bad at those. It's just not too hard to whack a flying thingy with a raquet, yeah?

But then it shouldn't be hard to hit a ball with your FOOT. So maybe I shouldn't say anything, yeah?

I'm listening to Libido, wee fuun stuff! What else should I listen to...okee, now I'm listening to Autechre. I only downloaded one song (Basscadet) but I somewhat like it, maybe I'll buy an album. I also downloaded "Come On My Selector" by Squarepusher, I don't like this one as much. Squarepusher is supposed to be good though, right? Generally I'll trust anything from Warp Records, although I'm judging them solely on PLONE and Aphex Twin, hehe. BUT PLOONE YAAY HOW I LOVE THEE...oh yeah, and Boards of Canada is supposed to be good. I downloaded "Aquarius" and it's okay, but actually, it's not *bloopy bleepy* enough for me. I must be missing something.

Oh yeah, and are the Strokes really that good? For the past few months it's like that's the only band I hear about and now I'm hearing more about them now that they're releasing their album in the US. I don't think they play the kind of music I like, I downloaded a song and it was...uh, I dunno. What I want to get is another Godspeed You Black Emperor! album

Ahh I have to do my laundry! Poop.


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