September 11, 2001

Holy crap.

Well you know what I'm going to talk god, it happened HOURS ago, but...ahh!

Anyway. I guess I'm glad I don't live in NY now. Still, stuff was kinda hectic in school today.

I was in 3rd period when I heard about the World Trade Center being totally destroyed, although it happened when I was in 2nd period...and then for 3rd and 4th period I had physics like usual. The principal gave an announcement on the intercom, and the auditorium was open for people who just wanted to talk to a counselor or something. I was thinking, "Is this really necessary? We're in NJ..." but lots of people in my school have parents who work in Manhattan and a handful must work in the WTC.

So in 5th period (history) we just watched CNN the whole time and jeez it's freaky! Especially the footage of the second plane just crashing into the tower and this big cloud going FOOM! It's funny though, on the different channels they've given this whole tragedy a different name..."Terrorism in America", "Attack in America"...blah blah blah...yikes. This is going to affect everyone! But obviously if you live in like...I dunno, Kansas, then it's not the same as living on the east coast or something. In my class this guy left cos...well I'm not completely sure, but he's like an air ground controller or something and he can fly and airplane? It seems really weird to me because I wouldn't trust him with anything, but there ya go...

Anyway, people started going home and stuff. Tons of people whipped out their cell phones and called their parents. A lot of people were crying. Not TONS but some. I noticed one girl from my physics class, she said he dad worked near the WTC...thats freaky, I mean if he was really close then something probably happened. Another one of my friends was crying just because it's so sad. I've heard some other stories student's dad died, and maybe this other girl's mum died. One person's dad worked in the building and decided to get a coffee 5 minutes before the plane crashed, my god! After that Starbucks would be my savior. And this guy in my English class, his dad was on the ferry going to NJ from Manhattan and he saw the building just...POOF. God.

So needless to say, I didn't do anything for most of the day. Half of the people were gone! And...I just walked home like any other normal day. It's freaky. I mean, what's going to happen now? This is the most terrible thing to happen think of some other terrible thing. I don't mean death wise, sure, earthquakes and floods are very costly, but this is something else. Thousands of people are dead and injured. I hope I don't know any of em.

All the explosions and people running in the streets, that was pretty disturbing to watch, but also all the people in Palestine cheering and rejoicing, making the peace sign (how ironic is that?) and looking...happy. How could they? I mean, this is really sick, these kids have these terrible thoughts to think that this is some great thing. It's not just kids, but mainly that's what I saw, and that's really sad. Why would anyone be happy to see all this death and destruction, jesus christ...

And then there's the small is 9/11/01...nine-one-one? Some strange coincidence? :P


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