September 26, 2001

Hey I think I FINALLY finished my Plone page. Almost...but I'm too lazy to make a few more real audio clips. I converted nearly all the songs though, not too shabby. Listen to the songs! Love Plone!

I found out something today...there's a Yahoo club for PLONE! First I was very excited...WOW! A club for Plone! But wait, the plot thickens. Who found the club? B***. Okay I could write the name, but I don't feel like it. A handful of you know who *he* is (now you know?) and if you know don't what I'm talking about, don't ask me, just skip this paragraph...or something. It says it was founded on August 22, 2000...I was still friends with him then wasn't I? He never told me he made a club. This information might be irrelevant, but I first told him about Plone and made him buy the CD. So I guess he really liked them. Wait, I should know. I shouldn't be angry, I don't know if I am, but I definitely don't want to join this club since I knew he founded it, and well there are only 6 members anyway, but how the hell am I going to get anyone to go to my Plone site if I don't tell the fans? ...maybe I'll just post something at the Plone message board at warp. But anyway, maybe something is wrong with ME, I mean I didn't find out about the club until now, more than a year later after it was made...

Actually, scratch that posting to the messageboard thing. It seems to have disappeared. What the hell? That was the only thing I could have done and now I can't do it. I mean, I can't find the messageboard, where is it?...okay, I found A messageboard, but it's not specifically for Plone. WHY DID THEY GET RID OF IT? ...screw it, just do me a favor and at least take a listen to
Plone and Even Johansen, I have a hard time finding their fans, and they must exist somewhere...

I'm lookin at B***'s yahoo profile majiggy, and he wrote that he was 20? He's not 20! I know that. Sigh. :P

Man, now I'm all annoyed. I wish I never found the Plone club. Let's all love Plone. Maybe I'll make a Even Johansen club. Members - 1. Haha. That's too depressing. Now I feel bad. This happened yesterday too. Sniff. There's no one online to talk to, what a surprise...not.

Oh yeah, unlike what I said in my other post, I decided against having a domain with the word thundepeel in it cos someone had and it didn't seem like such a special name anymore. I want to be...more special! I must.

I love how the results for the poll so far just shows a giant red circle. That will CHANGE after I get MORE VOTES right? Yeah. :)


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