September 23, 2001


Yeah I was hoping to get Thom, but that would be pretty wrong, wouldn't it. I dunno what the other possibilities were, but they must have been...very...different?

You and Thom Yorke are a match made in heaven!. You're both quite shy, but highly intelligent and creative people. You might be described as being a wallflower at parties, but it is probably because you're so deep in thought! Music is a huge part of your life and you prefer to experiment with different genres of music, rather than sticking to the same thing, which makes you a perfect couple!

Really, I wouldn't even GO to parties. And Thom is more angry at stuff than I am. The description doesn't mention the CONSTANT PAIN AND ANGER! Haha, just kidding. If I was at a party, I wouldn't be a wallflower because I'm so deep in though, unless that thought is "I wanna go home!..." but I'd be a wallflower because people scare me.


My dad cut down a (little) tree. Isn't that stupid? I mean, I didn't notice any of the trees in the backyard being a problem, but he said it was blocking out the sunlight, and there were too many trees, blah blah. We live in a forest practically! If he didn't want trees blocking the sunlight, then he should have picked a house that WASN'T surround by trees, yeah? I don't like this cutting-of-trees thing, it's stupid, now that tree is going to rot, what a waste of life.

That makes me sad. :( Feel for the tree!


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