September 18, 2001

GOD my computer is crapping like...CRAP! CRAP! STOP DOING THAT FOR CHRIST'S SAKE GAARRRG!...

Anyway, let's wish Cristen a happy 16th birthday. WOOEEE *throws confetti*...actually, to be completely honest, I don't have any confetti, but ANYWAY! GOD CRAPPIT this is crapping..HUH...okay there it goes.

I'm surprised my computer hasn't exploded yet.

I'm still mad at freespeech. There was no warning that they would just cancel everything! Sheesh. If I had known I wouldn't have spent that time making a new page...oh well. At least I didn't spend hours scanning Beck pictures that no one would get to see anyway...

the title track of ágætis byrjun will be in the cameron crowe film, vanilla sky. the thriller will be premiered in america on dec 14, starring tom cruise, penélope cruz, kurt russel and cameron diaz. sigur rós have rejected such offers in the past but when asked why they accepted this one, orri said "crowe is a good director. also, the music in the movie is very cool. songs by the beatles and radiohead will also be in the movie."

That's cool...I guess. I mean I don't plan on seeing the movie, but the music sounds cool...oo.

M...hey today in gym class I caught the frisbee!...once...but hey I didn't drop it, that's always good. A girl that I don't really like too much volunteered to be my partner during the practice we did before the actually games. I don't know why she did that, but it was a nice thing to do. . . I guess?

Hm. I'm kind of hungry. Or maybe I'm not. I want to eat SOMETHING.

Isn't it weird that it's already been a week since the plane crashes? It didn't seem that long. Eh. :(


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