September 20, 2001

God crappit, my dad is so annoying. As a last ditch effort, I asked him if I could go to the Sigur Ros concert next Wednesday and he kind of said yes and no, so screw that, it's not worth all the arguing. He lectured me for a really long time about stuff that's not even related to the concert, so generally I've learned my lesson to never ask him for anything. I mean, I knew that already, but I really like Sigur Ros, yeah? I'd like to see em.

Anyway. I don't wanna get any more into that, it wouldn't matter really.

Well today it rained a lot and it was cloudy all day...yay! I love that. The sun can poo it! POO ITTT!

The getting-my-own domain idea is lookin better. At least my mum thinks it's a nice idea. Wooee. I dunno what to call it though. Yeah, that's like my biggest roadblock...what do I call it? :P

God I'm TIRED. I have to study for stuff...lets see, tomorrow I have a test in Russian and history, and a quiz in physics. I guess that's not so bad. I had my precalc quiz today, I didn't finish it. I'm SLOW! :(

Ah...not much else to say I think. Yeaaah. I wanna go sleep sleep.

Jesus christ, I was looking at referrers for my beck site and one linked to someone's inbox! And I can read the person's e-mails. Apparently the security isn't very good on this site. I mean I shouldn't read this person's e-mails, but I'm curious to see who it is. Then again I probably don't know em. Nevermind.


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