September 30, 2001

God crappit, I joined this Hayao Miyazaki mailing list and I'm getting too much e-mail...I'm trying to switch it to digest mode, but the site ( doesn't seem to be working, which is reallllly convenient...

...I did 5 physics problems. Only 22 more to go. Kill me now, please? It took me hours to figure out this one problem only after my mum read the chapter in my text and in my brother's physics textbook. I don't understand symbolism in "Death of a Salesman" and for English I have to figure out the synmbolic meaning of various stuff that refers to building things. Not EVERYTHING is a symbol. Do English teachers realize that? Last year we did tons of crap about symbolism.

I took a 4 hour nap. That was nice. Oh and I did get the security tag off my pants. Actually my mum did. She found a little saw type thing, and did what that webpage said to do. It worked, yeah? And now she has to shorten the legs a bit. Foo.

Why is my net connection so slow? I can't even send a stupid e-mail.

My mum and I made yummy beef curry for dinner. Mmmmm...fooood. I would like some food now. But it's pretty late to eat now. Sigh. I wanted to make a grilled cheese sandwich, but all that pizza I ate before makde my nose stuffed up. Not fun. So I'll lay off the cheese.

I'm listening to "107 Steps" (Bjork) right now. Preeetty song. But not a good part in the movie (Dancer in the Dark). Nuh uh. She was dancing around the prison and stuff, argh...:(


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