September 29, 2001

Foogle. Today I spent...all day driving go Pennsylvania and back (well my MUM was driving). My mum wanted to go to a cross stitching festival thingy. She didn't buy anything...but it took about 3 hours to drive there, hehe. But not all is lost; we stopped in an outlet mall. There are lots of outlet...places in PA, it seems. But anyway, it was a very nice outlet mall....stuff for cheap! Well, cheapER. I heard some nice music too, in Banana Republic they played Weezer, in the Gap they played Gorillaz, and in J. Crew they played Belle and Sebastian. Oo, cool! Annnnddd I got two pairs o pants (J. Crew). So hard for me to find pants I like. Had to find pants that didn't flare, and pants that weren't tapered at the ends (if that's the right word)...just PANTsss. Nearly perfect pants, except it had a button-fly, which is definitely more annoying than a zipper. Will someone tell me what would make a button-fly better than a zipper one? :P

BUT ANYWAY! Lots of stores. Not like the clothes were defected, but they were considerably cheaper, sooo...yeah. :)

And now I'm HERE! You know, I quite like those rest areas on the highway. They all kind of look the same, which freaks me out, but anyway. Cos then you're like..."Wait, was I it looks like the other one!" That might just be me. Actually, I do NOT like rest areas when I'm on a band trip to Toronto, but hopefully, that was just a one time thing...:)

I didn't really do any homework. That's preeeettty bad. Tomorrow is going to suck. Hoorah. My butt.

This is nice!


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