September 14, 2001

Foof, I just spent more than an hour scanning and editing Bjork pictures. I hope could use em, or I'd be kind of annoyed!...well I shouldn't be, I could have made the whole process a million times easier if I cut the pictures out of the magazine but I kind of wanted to keep it intact. :P

WHY THE HELL ISN'T HOTMAIL WORKING! ARGH it crashed IE then Juno then IE again...this is so annoying. Poo it.

Anyway, I'm in a great mood, ding dong! Um. I dunno what that was for. School was okay, it rained most of the day so we didn't have to go outside and play frisbee in gym class. I went into the weight room and did leg extensions the whole time, and then it felt funny to walk around. We had a choice of playing kickball or going into the weight room and the teacher said "If you don't think you're going to participate much in the game, I suggest you go to the weightroom," and no one was getting up so I got up, and this kid laughed...not really at me, but just that someone was getting up I guess. He's a bit strange. Well I hate kickball, so FOO! Yeah.

I got two Bjork books from yesterday, Army of She and Bjork. They're both nice books. Army of She is very interesting I think, it's like a long essay. Or a short book. Hm. It's not really a biography, it's else? And the other book is a little disappointing in some ways, I heard that a lot of it was just blank pages and it is. It's supposed to be "minimalistic" I suppose, but it seems stupid to have a nearly blank page with the name of a photographer on it and the next page with the picture. Oh well, it's still cool! I think it could have been...better. I feel compelled to stick my own pictures in the blank spaces...

I got a B on my math quiz. WOO yeah I got 1 point above the average, go meeee...

My dad lit some candles today for the tragedy...and there was a candlelight vigil in the neighboring town I think, although I didn't go. Mmwell. Candles are cool. I lit a virtual candle...I forget the URL for the page, but it was cute, little candles floating around and you click on the unlit one. Yuuup.

What else did I do today? Oh I had a really good pizza. " has cheese! How could you!", there wasn't too much cheese on it, it was one of those Amy's Organic things, and it was really good. I mean, frozen pizza, pop it in the oven. It had brocolli, tomato slices, and pesto sauce instead of tomato sauce. I would try the soy pizza, but they always put casein in it, which is not good for you, although I don't remember why. It's like glue. Kind of. Not really. I forget. I guess the soy cheese pizza hasn't been perfected yet.

Mmmwell, I think Ben Folds was supposed to be on Conan tonite..but of course no shows are on, so I'll watch the NEWS! :)


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