September 25, 2001

did anyone else think this was the worst crowd ever? horrible... people walking around during the set... a few people talking... the worst was a security guard who decided he was going to yell for a while during one of the most quiet songs. i went and talked to the head of security after the show just to let him know that one of the guards totally ruined one of the songs.

That was a comment in regard to the Sigur Ros concert last night in NY at the Beacon Theater. Of course, I wasn't there, but what, are New Yorkers just rude poop heads? I mean it only takes a few, but at th eother concert I thought some people were pretty rude, but this sounds worse. That's too bad really, I mean...jeez! I don't understand why these people would go to the concert if they weren't going to be attentive and just listen to the music, that disappoints me...

Anyway. When am I going to buy a Sigur Ros tshirt? foof. When am I going to buy a domain? Hmmm. When am I gonna eat dinner? In an hour, probably.

I didn't get as much junk mail today as I usually do! Oo that's good. What does it mean? That financial people and the business people and the porn people finally figured out that I'm only 16 and can't do anything? Hmm.

What the heck is this? Hmmm.

Hey I think I got an A on my physics quiz...WOO. I mean there were only two questions. They were pretty easy. I'm sure more of the class got em right.

I want more rain! I don't want to play soccer we didn't play, and I got to sit in the weight room and do nothing. WOO!

mMmhmhmdfgnuiwrfn!IUsefuisd god i dunno. I've had Overthrown stuck in my head ALL FRIGGIN DAY!


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