September 28, 2001

deliciousghost is winning! That's pretty cool. Why don't you VOTE right now? (Unless you already voted, in which case, DON'T vote) Lea suggested that name, by the way. It is quite cool. I like ghosts, they're cute. I saw a nice array of cute items decorated with ghosts today at Target. :)

Fooooo. Today I went to...THE MALL! Ate food. Yay. And I saw Zoolander with my mum. Strange movie, yes. It's cute and funny, but also preeetty dumb and weird. Hmm. So you decide whether or not you want to see it. Ben Stiller is straaange! I mean, in the movie. He was so funny in "Meet the Parents", I mean, that movie was almost painful to watch. But anyway, Zoolander is okay, and it has a somewhat happy ending. I mean, it's HAPPY, but would you want to go to a school called "The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good"? Hm...maybe I would! :)

There are about a million cameos in this movie, pretty strange. David Duchovny plays a hand model. He looks kind of fat and old in the movie...oooeee.

After the movie my mum and I went to Barnes & Noble and ate some cake and drank some coffee. STARBUUUUCKS! That's always a treat for us. evil! Oh well. I think it's sad that kids are becoming so dependent on coffee. I mean, not like everyone, but in my school I see kids in the morning carrying giant coffee cups, as though they wouldn't be able to function without it. That's greaaat.

I also bought two hair clips. I don't know HOW to use hair clips. It's one of those...butterfly clips I guess. They don't really look like butterflies. Is that what they're called? They have lots of teeth. It doesn't stay in my hair very well. I must be doing something wrong.

Hey, Rufus is on the Zoolander soundtrack! I didn't know that. Actually, I looked up info about it cos I heard a song during the movie that sounded like the Wallflowers, and I was Go me. I don't remember hearing a Rufus song, although it doesn't mean it was actually in the movie I guess. Why is Rufus on so many movie soundtracks? Hm. (Okay, when I say so many, I mean like...5, maybe. Well I know of at least

Can someone tape this for me? It's the John Lennon tribute thing. BECK WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE! But he backed out cos of the tragedy...hmmmm...I mean...well I don't think it was really necessary, but oh well. BUT RUFUS IS THERE NOW! So I still want to see it. I want to see Beck...but Rufus...good too! And it IS on the WB, a channel I actually get, but at the moment it's all static-ee and stuff. It might be like that for a while. I get NBC, CBS, and FOX okay, the other channels are fuzzy and crappy. :P The show is on TNT also...and of course I don't get that, so anyway, if anyone can help, that'd be nice.

Oh CRAP! I just remember, Bjork is on Rosie o donnell on october 2nd I think, and I have remembered for...ever! But ABC is crap! Sigh. SOMEONE HEEELP MEEE I don't wanna miss this stuff! :(

Sniff. I think I'm going to Pennsylvania tomorrow. My dad invited some relatives over, he does that every weekend so every weekend for me is ruined. My mum doesn't wanna stay home, so I guess i don't want to either. My dad is so annoying, I mean the weekend is generally the only time I have...out of school...kind of. I don't even want to stay in my own house anymore. And I don't know these relatives. Who cares. Is there anyone else in the world like this, who calls up people they're vaguely related to and invites them over? Whenever this happens there are lots of leftovers in the fridge and my dad keeps em for about a week, or more, and my mum and i certainly don't want to eat the food. Ugh.

later note: I just read that Bjork will probably NOT be on rosie...if that's so, forget what I said about recording it. :)

Also, just read that Post and Debut are officially platinum (1 million copies sold) and Homogenic is gold (half a million). I'm s urprised that Homogenic would have sold half as much as the other albums, because I...quite like it, yeah? It's very good! EXcellent! And also, Vespertine has sold abouta bagillion (or less) copies already. So are these new Bjork fans eating up Vespertine? That is pretty cool! It was the top selling album in the world in it's second week of release. should all get a copy, yes!

I WANNA GO TO NY! It'll never be cheaper than now to be a tourist in Manhattan! Right? I've never stayed in a hotel in NY. They're quite pricey. But it'll be cheaper now. Well it's too late to plan anything right now, and my dad would never allow my mum and I to go. But if you think about! :D


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