September 21, 2001


He's talking about how hard it was to do the first show on Tuesday since the attack...I recorded that, it was pretty weird. It was sad and you could just see how much Conan was...struggling with stuff, trying to find the right words to say and that kind of thing. :P

But anyway, it's FRIDAY! I'd say today was ok in school. I think I did well on all the tests I took. The physics quiz was kind of weird...the first question was about a ball being tossed up and another being thrown down off a building and you have to say where and when they meet, blah blah, I think I got that right. And apprently I was like the only person who got the second question right, which is so stupid because it was easy, I swear. There was a graph of velocity and time and you had to graph the displacement/time and velocity/time graph. It was really a manner of memorizing...stuff. That's what I did during study hall at least. And anyway, everyone had trouble with the displacement/tiem graph but the teacher kind of just went over that yesterday, and in class I don't understand anything but I looked at my notes and...yeah, no problem! I hate it when I get all the EASY crap wrong, and what apparently is "hard" I sometimes get right, once in a blue moon. :P

I got a C on my lab though. Hehe. Well, it could have been worse!

During English we just discussed...stuff. We kind of got off topic and talked about the attack and the twin towers being rebuilt in the future. It was funny though, this was how the discussion went at one point:

"They should build a hexagon shaped building...and call it the Hexagon!"
"That's a cool idea."
"What about square shaped?" Wouldn't that just be...a normal building?
"How about the Rectangle?" My teacher said a kidding way of course.
"They should build it out of rubber! And then the planes would bounce right off..."

It was funny at the time, trust me.

Mm I had CHEESE today...I had more of that yummy pizza. Man! I mean it'd taste good without the cheese too, but..yeah...I shouldn't eat cheese, ya, I know, but foof! PESTO PIZZA is yummmmyyy.


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