September 15, 2001

Can you tell me whether or not my Beck site works? I uploaded something to it and it won't load...

Anyway. The weekend is too short. I haven't done any homework, and I highly doubt I will. I think I have to redo my physics homework because even though I finished it, I didn't do it the way the teacher told us to because he only told us on Friday. I mean, it took me all week to do! And then he tells us this easy way to do it. Sigh. Well not really easy, but...this is annoying.

Why won't my stupid Beck site work? I redid the index page so it would look nicer and not too it won't work...

Why isn't anyone ever online? Then again, who is "anyone"...there are only a few people I guess I would care are online but it's like I am completely alone. It's like nearly everyone fell off the face of the earth. Then again it doesn't matter that much because there isn't anyone that I really, really, REALLY enjoy chatting with online. I know some of my friends read this and don't take that the wrong way, but I'm sure you'd say the same about me, and if you wouldn't, then I dunno, I'm not that amusing...

It's a good thing I like hanging out with my mum, because then I would be bored out of my mind...not just bored, I mean crazy. Who else would I talk to? The wall? Maybe that would be good.

I really shouldn't complain about stuff. Oh well.

Isn't this sad?


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