September 24, 2001

At Columbia House I can get two "free" cds for every one that I buy. Hm. I don't think there's anything that I want from them for now though. Unless I want another copy of Kid A. Too bad they don't have more cool techo stuff, cos then I'd probably buy that. I COULD get more Aphex Twin...*ponders*...


Today in physics I felt like I was going to sleep...I mean, this was more boring than it usual is. I dunno WHAT the teacher was talking about, but it was some complicated crap...maybe. If you saw my notes, you probably would have no idea what it means. And neither would I. That kind of defeats the purpose of taking notes. I remember...letters. About ten million variables. So we could compute how long it takes a basketball to getinto a hoop when thrown at blah blah meter per second and the dude is blah blah meters away from the basket...ARGH WHO CARES!

...anyway, I'm fine, yeah. I can't tell if I'm one of the stupid people in my class or...maybe they're real smart, but in the beginning of class the teacher always asks if we have any questions and usually someone says something, but today no one said ANYTHING, and I certainly didn't get all the questions on the homework right, so I had him do two problems that I couldn't get (I made a retarded mistake in the first one) but maybe the other people just didn't do their homework yet. I'll just say that. I'm not retarded...wee!

And that quiz we took last week, tons of people got As on it. NOO MY GRAPH WAS DRAWN THE NICEST they don't deserrrrve As!, don't I sound crazy? I don't care about grades that much, but I was really proud of that stupid graph for about a day...

For whatever reason, the first half of Killing Some Dead Time (hey you can buy it used for 2 bucks! Cool, buy it NOW!) seems to be a LOT better than the second, and then I feel bad for only listening to the first 6 songs. I feel guilt! It's mushy. Guilt feels mushy! Who would have known. Oh well, it's nice to hear Even singing, woopeedoo!

I still don't know what to call my domain. Come on guuyyyyys!...(that sounded eerily perky, uhoh)...I'm terribly indecisive! :(

Hey, I should write a review for Killing Some Dead Time...there's only one here. Hmmhmh. This person gave it 5 stars...I'd say 4 stars, 5 is nearly PERFECT and I leave that for Beck, Radiohead, and Bjork. :)


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