September 25, 2001

Argh I hate the stupid crushlink thing. Whoever put my e-mail address in, not very nice you see, because I'll never find out who the person is, and I probably don't want to know, but I don't really get any hints. I got an e-mail saying I'd get a hint if I registered with an online job website, but I kind of can't register cos I'm under 18, and heey I'm not desperate enough to lie about my age.

:) Me, definitely not 18.

I found out today that some people only need about 3 hours of sleep at night because all you really need is 3 hours of REM sleep, and those special people can go directly to the REM stage when they go to sleep. Those special people are mostly those with a genius-level IQ (or at least, that's what I was told)...I wish I was one of those special people, so I could thrive 3 hours of sleep each night.

Man, I tooo wish i was one of those people. That, by the way, was taken from stephooo's site. Yup, I'm sure she appreciates me calling her STEPHOOO! Also taken from her site, are these, two. Who would spend so much time making a list of the ideal guy/girl? ...okay, a lot of people I guess, but if you ask me it could never be good to be with...the "perfect" person, not that I know, but if you think too much about that stuff, you'll probably just set yourself up for disappointment.

i want a boy...
1. who likes radiohead.

That's definitely great though, THOM IS MY ROCK STAR BOYFRIEND HAHEHAHha the That dude's list of traits for a girl is way too long. I haven't read it all, but as I said before, reading words make me tired (did I say that?)

I'm listening to Libido again. Maybe I should listen to something else....NOOOO!

As for the bjork referencefor a domain name, lea, I decided just to stick with Beck, because...I know mostly about Beck? :) I love Bjork of course, but...I dunno. There are more cool Beck related things to think of, heehee. Maybe TOOO many...

This morning I wok up at like 5:30 with a bloody nose. It wasn't totally pouring out or anything, but not fun, yeah? Cos it's pitch black at that time in the morning, but at least I had a box of tissues next to me. I was up before then hearing the RAIN and god it was raining...hard! And it might still be raining now, but not as hard. I love hearing rain! I like seeing it too though. RAIN WHEN I CAN SEEEE IT, GOD CRAAAPPIIT. I wanted to get one of those little machines that would make noise, and my mum almost let me have one but then I decided I didn't realllly need it. I used to have major trouble going to sleep, but it hasn't been so bad now. ...woo, I guess.


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