August 14, 2001

Yoo guess what, I got meself an AFRODOG! Actually it's called Afroken...or sometimes Afrodog, man I dunno. I saw some very cute stationary at Kinokuniya. They also had an issue of Rockin On that had some stuff about Bjork and Radiohead but i didn't have enough money...hey, if I bought it I wouldn't have my AFRODOGGIE! I haven't given him a real name...but here are some pictures: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Ain't be kyoot? Yup. Arf.

I watched Rufus on Politically Incorrect...he too, is kyoot. Until the first commercial break he didn't talk ("Rufus...TALK!") but then he started talking when the topic turned from stem cell research to AIDS and homosexuality and such stuff (cos he's a this reverend dude was talking about how homosexuality is against nature, or SOMETHING weird like that, and it was ridiculous really. He was talking about how you can die from homosexuality and well you can die from a lot of things, it doesn't prove anything, and I wanted him to shut up, but oh well. Some parts were pretty funny, especially when he was talking about the parts not fitting (use your imagination, okay?) and Rufus said "Oh, they fit!" or something like was funny, although it was also like "I didn't need to hear that..." NAHAH Rufus. He's funny.

You know who would be good on Politically Incorrect, but probably never be in it? Thom. THOM! He's outspoken, right? He could go nuts...he could controool everything, naa! That would be funny...or scary, I'm not sure. I think he could get pretty into that stuff. Hm.


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