August 29, 2001

Wow I'm bored. Mmdoo. I was reading stuff at Karen's journal. She's in school now so I guess she's quite busy. You just know that when school starts I'll still eb writing in this thing,'s saaaad. Mmwell. I was reading her friend's entries too, stuff about BAND camp, bad memories from that. Yuck. Killme.

Why aren't more people online? Usually people are on later. FOOOP! Well. I'm listening to "220V Offshore" by Phonem right now. Electronic-ee stuff. WEEEEEEEE!

What's sad is that out of the Columbia House CDs I got in the mail today, none of them really stand out to me. I got Stereotype A (Cibo Matto), Come On Die Young (Mogwai), Weezer (...Weezer!), and This Is Hardcore (Pulp) and maybe I just didn't listen to em for very long (which is truue) but no Even Joahnsen-revelations yet. I guess those are rare. Stereotype A is the nicest one out of the bunch I guess, Mogwai is okay, kind of like GYBE (which stands for Godspeed You Black Emperor but I don't wanna type that out all the time..just remember that from now on) but not as nice feeling. Maybe I should listen to the Pulp and Weezer ones more, although I don't think either of them are really my "type" of music.

As to what is my type, I have no idea.

AHh I just remembered, I heard Beck on the radio! WFUV played "Nobody's Fault But My Own" which was so nice. It was like "AHH BECK AHAHHASDHASHD!" and that song is so preeetty, ee! And Beck sings well. I think WFUV is the only radio station I could listen to and not be annoyed by. Maybe. I don't usuallt recognize the songs, but well, they play Beck. And Rufus. I haven't heard anyh Rufus songs yet, but i know they play them. Woo! Bekkie. Hmm.

The version of Frosti that I downloaded is longer than the one on the album....the one on the album kind of mushes into Aurora, which is also shorter than the one I downloaded and sounds a little different, I mean veeeery llittle..okay, maybe I'm wrong. Mmhmmhmhemmhe. Oh well, Frosti is a cool song, download the 2 minute one cos it's all nice and such.


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