August 20, 2001

Woo, I had a yummy dinner! My mum and I went to an Indian and Thai food restaurant. I had this really yeah, curry chicken puff thing. There was this really good sweet sauce to dip it in. It looked like water. And then the entree was more curry chicken, but different curry. I'm so full...I think I might barf...I'd rather not. Actually, I also had dessert too, this Indian pistachio ice cream, although it's not really like ice cream. That was yummy. And some mango ice cream. Okay, I ate a LOT, so this is why I feel like barfing.

I spent more moolah too. I couldn't find The Times with the special Bjork CD, but I got NME with Travis on the cover, oo lookit em, they're so happy! I also got Urb with Bjork on the cover and the new Adbusters, which I haven't gotten to look at too much, but yeah fun magazine. On one page of the magazine they had a map of...some plac in the US, I don't know where, but there were McDonalds logos ALL over it, it was really scary. I can't believe there are so many McDonalds. And on the next page they listed the ingredients in a McDonalds hamburger, and really, you wouldn't want to eat it if you read it I think. No more McDonalds for me.

Another funny thing in the magazine was in the letters section, this dude wrote that he made clear labels which had various stuff written on it, like "Milk is bad for you blah blah" and put them on food and Coca Cola cases, I'm suprised that he wouldn't caught. At most I think I'd put one on label on a milk carton, and I doubt I would. But milk is pretty bad...yup. Go to that website if you still don't believe me...


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