August 08, 2001

There might have been more than that, or I might have stuck a song in, I don't know. But that's a lot. First of all, they played three encores...well the last encore they just played Exit Music, then again I thought they'd realyl leave after the second encore. "Goodnight! PLEASE LEAVE NOW!" Nah, Thom didn't say that, but he could have.

Before Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box, Thom was talking about how we should all use electric cars cos the gas companies are a poo, or something like that. I dunno. But he was really into it. Get an electric car and maybe they'll get the idea, that was his message of sorts.

Thom dedicated some songs to some stuff, although I don't remember all of em. He said that Permanent Daylight was for New York or something...the New York song. I really wanted them to play Fog (aka Alligators in New York Sewers) but nope. Poo. But anyway, cool song, yup. Another song was dedicated to "the leopard skins walkign down 5th avenue" or SOMETHING like that, not totally sure, and something else was dedicated to some..thing...protestors in Germany? Okay I could be WAY off, I probably am.

Idioteque was really the coolest thing. Thom went nuts, with the flailing arms and wiggling and fwooping around the stage. Actually, he did that on a few accounts, but Idioteque was the real deal. FULL THOM FREAKOUT! Yeah its great! It's a good thing. So that was very funny, oh how I laughed.

Jonny had a nice little solo-thing before How To Disappear Completely, playing strange stuff as a blueish spotlight shown on him, very nice. His hair is really long again, I thought he cut it! But it must have been a while ago, cos you couldn't see his face at all, just this wooshing black mass flowing back and forth...

In some songs Ed didn't have much to do, and in one song particularly I found it very funny, he looked so defeated, like "Why do I even liiive?" Aw, Eddie! Kiss the mountain! But yeah he's cool, everyone looked cool. Colin wore black pants and an orange or red shirt while bobbing around and stamping his foot, he was very adorable. Ed was wearing jeans and a white shirt, I think. Same goes for Thom, but it's not as though they look anything alike. Thom was wearing could see his toes! THOMtoes! Jonny was wearing a long sleeved white shirt with some design on it, although I couldn't see. And Phil...well, he was bald. Isn't that nuts? No really, he was wearing a black shirt, and well, I dunno what else he was wearing, but pants I assume. None of them ever wear shorts now do they? It was quite hot...

The coolest thing about the Radiohead concerts, and probably ALL Radiohead concerts, is that all the crazy fans will be singing along. Like really, everyone was singing! So it was a really cool experience. That's why this concert was by far the most fun concert I've been to in my whole life. It doesn't mean it was the best performance, but it was the most fun and the best concert I've ever been to. I think that Beck probably puts on a better show, but Radiohead fans are really...really good fans! Yeah, they're super, and I'm one of em! And Radiohead just rules. Radiohead and Beck, it's really hard to choose, man! The best song to sing along to was Fake Plastic Trees. It was kind of like some messed up Kumbaya...Cristen and I were swaying baaack and fooorth..."He used to do surgery for girls in the 80s"...ah. Singalong fun with Radiohead!

You And Whose Army was very funny because Thom was looking right at us! I mean, there were three screens around the stage and there was a camera on the piano, so he was looking riiight into it and it was hilarious. He was pointing at the audience and stuff, which could have meant anything really, he wouldn't have needed to tell us to sing along but...well. So he was staring at us and making funny faces, although that probably wasn't intentional, I just thought it was funny.

And another ramdom note: When Thom introduced Paranoid Android, he said it funny like he forgot what he was saying..."Paaaranoid...Andrrroid..." Ha! Ha? OH yeah, another random thing, I lost my minotaur pin! The one made of model magic. Well it's okay, I can make another one! They're fragile though, it was bound to happen...:)

So when the concert was over, we had to rush to get to the bus...we had 20 minutes, man! First of all, we messed up at the subway station, going to the downtown trains when we wanted to go uptown..or something like that. So we wasted 5 bucks or so. :( And then we just waited in that sweltering hot subway station...waiting...and then it CAME! One stop later we ran to the bus station, and it was at section 418. Yeah...400s, that can't be good. I don't know how long I was running for, we went up like three flights of stairs/escalators and goign around all these corners, but I thought I was going to pass out. When I got there I saw the bus outside.."OHMYGOD it's right there ahh!" and I went through the door up to the bus and the bus driver dude closed to door but opened them again I guess cos he saw us..and two other people were trying to get on also. TIf we were a few seconds later, we might have missed it and would have to wait another hour! Yikes! The bus was packt (like sardines in a crushd tin box!) and we were all standing for a while, with my arm losing feeling, but when we got to the first stop in NJ I got to sit down. Phew!

So here I am typing...after dropping Cristen off at her humble abode and coming home, I chuged some orange juice (well I drank all my water on the bus), took a shower, and now I'm here! Woo. So that's that, Radiohead is fun like you'll never have. I mean, unless you go. It's best to go with other Radiohead freaks or a freak, then you can sing the songs together! My throat feels a bit funny front shouting/screaming/squealing/shrieking way too much, but who cares...I SAW RADIOHEAD! And to go full circle on my concert experiences, all I need is Bjork! She's the missing piece! Soon enough, I shall see her...:)


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