August 23, 2001

Survey taken from steffipop's journal:

The Date Is: august 23 2001
The Time Is: 3:41 AM
I Am: bored
My Hair Is: in a ponytail
Makeup: ew
My Shoes Are: somewhere in the house
I'm Wearing: a paul frank tshirt that diana gave me and black shorts from the gap I must have gotten 2 or 3 years ago, hey they feel bigger now!
I'm Eating:
I'm Drinking: nooothing
I'm Listening To: conan o brien on the teeeveee
I'm Feeling: empty
I'm Thinking: "why am I still up?"
I'm Going To: type. like i am now
I see: this page...this is a stupid question, how much coudl i see?
I need: eel
I find: that theres not many people to talk to
I want: to eat eel
I have: to do my summer reading assignment
I wish: I never had ot go to school again
I love:
I hate: everything
I miss: summer
I fear: school
I feel: empty...i said that already
I smell:
I think: i'm sad (not boohoo sad, more like pathetic, you see?)
I crave: eel..and rice
I search: my soul...but i sold it..oops. for a donut. no, that was homer...
I wonder: when i'll go to sleep
I regret: 5 billion times


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