August 12, 2001

Remind me to get this book.

Anyway, today I saw Riverdance with my mum and Aliza. I'm seeing it again on Tuesday, actually, but anyway, it's always a good show.

October 3, TRAIVS is playing at Radio City! Yeah, I wanna go! And the next day is BJORK! Man. I wanna go to both! Maybe my mum will be nice and let me. Mm? Mm.

Oh NY I saw a dude...not just any dude, this dude was wearing a RADIOHEAD SHIRT! If I was drunk or on drugs, I would have wanted to hug him or something, but neh, my heart stopped for a second and I said "DUDE WITH RADIOHEAD SHIRT!" Yeah. And we made our way to the Japanese restauran for dinner..I ate EEL!

And now I'm here. Full o eel.


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