August 23, 2001

Oo what do you know, I took pictures! Of stuff. I ended up getting that baby toy I was talking about, so kyooot! took out 100 bucks from the bank. I FINALLY got the Beck Travelogue book from Japan, it took two months and costed about $35! Yikes. I had no idea how much it was going to cost, could have been more! It's a cool book, lots of Japanese...cannot read. Sad. And lots of pictures I've never esen before, awwwww, Beck!

But anyway...

There's a piccie of the toy i got...ISN'T IT KYOOT?! The green one makes bell sounds when you shake it. The blue one makes crinkly sounds, the pink one rattles, and the yellow one squeaks!

Now they're facing youuu!

Close up on the giant green dude!

Oo the babies are gathering around...


The enTIRE pen...

Strange, no?


Okay, that's all. Thanks to Karen for the strange duck pen and snowglobe!


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