August 27, 2001

Okay, I was just testing to see if this works or not, cos yesterday I tried a few times to update this and it wouldn't work at all. Not that I had anything important to say.

Last night I had a weird dream. It was in a few parts, but in ONE part, Even Johansen was in it. Haha! Except he was my guitar teacher or something. He was sitting on my bed playing with my stuffed animals. Now if that isn't messed up, I dunno what is. Another part, Anthony was in mum and I were at some kind of museum store and Anthony was telling us to be quiet, or telling me to be quiet, cos I was shouting, and he said I had a guitar lesson the next day. Whaaa? And then in the last part my mum and I were shopping in a department store, and I wanted something but my mum said we could get it in Taiwan, so...I dunno what that was supposed to mean.

I don't supposed anyone would want to buy be Fruityloops? I'd love you for it..hehe.

AHH I almost forgot (again), it's my birthday! I'm 16. Yay. It's not a big deal at all, birthdays suck. I'm not doing anything special today, but I did get to open my present, which is this Radiohead desktop thing. It comes with 6 singles, a mousepad, a tshirt, a radio, and it comes in a nice box. The radio is definitely the weirdest thing, when I saw the box I thought it looked pretty small, and it's about a fourth of the size of the boc. Tiiiny. It doesn't have a volume control! Who's idea was that. There's two buttons, one for seek and one for reset. All I know is that if I press the seek button four times I'll be listening to WFUV, they were playing David Gray, hehe. And the dj said they were gonna play Rufus Wainwright, but I didn't feel like listening anymore..oo well, I can listen to Rufus whenever I want! :D

I have a feeling I'm going to break that radio really soon...I'll take a picture of everything at some point.

My mum is sleeping. She stayed up late watching "Sleepy Hollow"...I stayed up reading "The Joy Luck Club" which is on my summer reading list. Now I have to make note cards and crap. Poop. I thought it was a good book, but pretty depressing most of the time. The stories are sad! I mean some stuff is happy, but mainly sad. It's definitely worth reading though. It's not a book that makes me really think though, not like "Ender's Game" or "Ender's Shadow"...those were weiiird.


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