August 10, 2001

me sad!

My mum won't let me see Sigur Ros. Sigh. There are 12 North America tour dates and I can't see any...oh wah. She doesn't think my dad will approve...well DUH, but I don't like him. I mean, no one really likes my dad. He's not mean, he's just got this whole frame of mind that's really...well, stupid. There's probably a better word...unreasonable. Yeah, and illogical. But my mum doesn't want to drive me to NY either I guess, and the Bjork concert at Radio City is on October 4-5, while Sigur Ros is September 24, so they're kind of close. And I'd rather see Bjork cos I haven't seen her in concert, but Sigur Ros is playing at a venue with SEATS, and it's not general admission, and SMOKING ISN'T ALLOWED in the Beacon Theater I think, which is really nice compared to Irving Plaza. But...sigh. I want sum Jonsi action!

Anyway. I'm really selfish, I know, but I'm really disappointed. Maybe Cristen can somehow go to the concert without

Well, my day is's 2 AM, but maybe the rest of the day, because I have absolutely nothing planned for today. I scanned about 40 photos of Radiohead cookies and Radiohead CONCERT and such stuff, I'll be making a nice page for that which you can see later. About three of the pictures of the concert came out okay. Most of them are blue, it's freaky.

I think I'll listen to this Even Johansen song again, because it's kind of sad sounding. I'm having a hard time finding his songs, there were only two on Audiogalaxy and I downloaded both of em. I couldn't find anything on Morpheus (I like Audiogalaxy a lot more, really) and there are hardly any webpages with any info bout STUFFFF so POOPPOOPPOOPPPPPOOOOOOoeoeoo...


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