August 22, 2001

It may be necessary for me to change the password in the near future. If you come to the board and find that the password has changed, please remember that the new password will be "asspants."

I thought this e-mail was funny..if you're wondering, the password is for a message board that I'm sure none of you go to anyway, and the password is to keep out unwanted visitors I suppose. Asspants...creative, no? :)

Right now I'm listening to "Overthrown" by Libido, nice song...woo...I just got this CD (Killing Some Dead Time) in the mail today, I bought it used for 6 bucks. As in, you can only get it used or's not a very old CD, from 98, strange eh? Eh. It's not bad at all...woo!

Yikes, someone wrote a message at the board directly towards lots of Beck pictures, I guess I should take em...weeeee!

I was at the Hallmark store today and they had the CUTEST baby toy I've ever seen in my whole life...really, I want to go back and buy it! $21 in exchange for simple happiness. It's hard ot describe, but I'll try...they're these blob things, 4 of them, and they're connected by velcro. The first one is green and SOO CUTE, happy and stuff, and it makes sounds when you shake it...each one makes it's own sound and is a different color, and it's just so cute, I can hardly stand it. My mum said she'd buy it for me...she's too nice...but I think I'll take some money out of the bank and pay off my debt and buy that thing, good, no?

I got a bday present in the mail today from Karen (THANKS!) and it's really cool, a giant pen with a floatee duck in it, and this tiny snowglobe thing. Like, it's not solid, its' squishy like the WATER WEINERS if anyone knows what those are, and inside there's something which is a cross between a duck and a dolphin. It's really funny! I'll take a picture of it later...


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