August 24, 2001

I'm making a website for Even Johansen, so far, brown, kind of like MUD or POO, you pick one. How sad! Mm well. He doesn't have the bright pink vibe of Plone, hehe.

I unearthed a remix I did of Mixed Bizness in..9th grade probably. It took me a million years to do, and it didn't even come out that good, but it could have been a lot worse...soo if you want to listen to it, click here. I also found this really bad song I made with Fruity Loops and Acid Music, but it makes weird sounds come out of my subwoofer, so that's cooool with meeee. Click here to listen to it..:)

Oh yes, you must also check out the Tralfalmadorian Market, made by me friend Rebbie. The happy dancing cat shirt is my favorite, but will I buy it? Only time will tell...neehahaaha!


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