August 13, 2001

I'm listening to the Wallflowers now. Isn't that strange? I was just thinking "Hey it'd be nice to listen to the Wallflowers now..."

Mm, yup. It's very weird listening to the Wallflowers, I can't really explain it, but...neh!

Last night I finished reading Ender's Game, I think it was a really good book, and the ending is just realllllly weird, so go read it! I've actually got an extra copy, so if anyone wants it...

Rufus Wainwright is going to be on Politically Incorrect tonight, so don't let me forget. I kept fogetting all weekend...and then I almost forgot today was Monday, so yeah I should watch that. I dunno if I need to record it...neh probably not.

If anyone wants to be nice and get me something for my birthday, there are two things I'd like: a Sigur Rós t-shirt and this Even Johansen's on sale! For some reason I couldn't find the CD on, I thought they had everthing! Hmph.

YEAAH SOO that's it.


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