August 31, 2001

I'm alive and well! The numbness has worn bottom lip feels a bit strange, but before my whole chin and bottom lip were TOTALLY numb. Okay, lemme start from the beginning.

Well first of all, we (as in my mum and I) went to the wrong office. That was a bummer, but not a total inconvenience.

We got to the place a little late and they told me I have to go again tomorrow so they can see how my teeth are and stuff...woo. I wasn't really that nervous as this point. When the nurses took me to the room where the operation would be and started taking my blood pressure, and putting something on my wrists and fingers to keep track of my heatbeat, then I got a bit nervous. I guess my heart was beating too fast cos my blood pressure reading was too high at first. Mmwee. Then the doctor (who was pretty cool) took my arm and was looking for a vein to stick the needle in...the DRUUGS! Coming through the needle, yup. I've never needed that before. Anyway, I guess he found ht vein cos he stick a needle in, which really didn't hurt much at all, it must have been a teeny needle. I remember saying "I don'y really feel antyhing..." after I saw a nurse putting the stuff in a tube, and then "Oo I feel a little funny now..."

PLOP I'm sleeping. I barely rememember anything! I mean, I was sleeping, but I could hear everything kind of, and feel some stuff, but I was...sleeping. I don't know how to describe it. I remember feelign scraping in my mouth, but obviously my wisdom teeth weren't scraped out. And I could feel the doctor put his arm across my shoulder blade. At some point they put something over my nose so I was just breathing in oxygen. nice, really. And also, I guess the vein in my left arm wasn't cooperating cos they had to stick another needle in my right arm. I could feel them put the band aid on when the whole surgery was over. The surgery felt like it was 10 minutes long, but it was more like 40. Weiiird.

When I woke up I was kind of laughing. I guess they took that as a good sign. I dunno why I was laughing, I guess it was the drugs! :) I walked with a nurse to a room where I got to lie down for a while and then...I went home. Oo. With gauze in my mouth. Lots o BLOOD! ...somewhat. Didn't really hurt at all though. My mouth was still completely numb at the time, mind you.

After being home for a while the numbness wore off and the pain started to settle in, but I've had worse pain before so not a bit deal I guess. I took one Tylenol and I feel fine. The less drugs in me the better. Those sleepy drugs were pretty cool though...


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