August 22, 2001

I went to NY today, woo! My mum and I got tickets to se Blast, which is a show! I'll describe it later..maybe.

First, we went to Chinatown. Yeah, crowded. We didn't have much time so we ate at this place called Singapore! They have yumyum food, but we got too much. It was pretty cheap so I didn't know there'd be so much food, but there was really good though! Lets see...really good dumplings, yummy eggrolls, and my beef curry noodles were goood. It was pretty spicy, but not so spicy to make my eyes water. If it was any spicier, it'd be too much. The soup was like drinking curry, it was really my opinion, but nice and warm feeling, MMFOOD! We also went to a bakery and my mum got me a milky drink (yeah, milk is bad..well...oops, there probably wasn't much milk in it anyway..lots o SUGAR) with tapioca and red bean, kind of like something I'd get in Taiwan. Same thing with beef noodles. BEEF! Beefbeef. Weird word.

Then we went to the show, it was cool. It's like a percussion/brass/color guard thing. Lots of drums! It's kind of funny, like the guys were looking reall full fo was supposed ot be funny, not like they were actually really into themselves, but yeah. At one point the horn players came into the audience, some woudl just sit down next to someone. And there was a part when a bunch of dudes were playing digeridoos and they were standing on the seats, hmmm. The color guard was really good, at one point they were twirling the batons in the dark cos they lit up...yellooow...and I'm thinking how they manage not to screw up. It looked really cool, trust me. The other really cool part was when two of the dummers were "dueling" and chasing each other and stuff..and then LOTS of dummers came out..and their sticks glowed and all the lights were turned off. And they were all in a line side by side playing their drums and the person's next to them...yeah! Another funny part was when this pudgy dude was running around the stage and doing silly :)

After the show my mum and I walked to Radio City and I took a picture of the marquee (is that the right word?) where it said "BJORK W/ORCHESTRA AND CHOIR" or something, so I have some sort of momento...:(


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