August 22, 2001

I was reading Melanie's latest diary entry and I thought it was interesting so I hope she doesn't mind me commenting on it here.

[lyrics to "What It Feels Like For A Girl" by Madonna...I don't feel like putting them all here]

I think this song does a good job of explaining some of the problems girls have in their hearts. I can relate to the tears falling secretly, and hurting inside. It's hard to be a girl. You have to deal with being more sheltered than your guy friends are. You feel pressure to look good for guys. You have to deal with low-confidence, bad-hair/face/body/mood/dressed days. PMS can be very unpredictable, and trick you of your normal feelings. The monthly curse. Even when you get a boyfriend, you have to work hard and make sure he still finds you irresistably attractive (physically & mentally) after some time of going out

I'm not sure about what being more sheltered than guys friends mean, but I only have like..2 or 3 guy friends...who dont live here! So...hmm...I dunno. I don't feel any pressure to look good for guys. My mum tells me to look nice in general to the outside world, you'd think I look like a bum! I don't really get PMS, which is good, no? As for "the monthly curse" that's the most annoying thing about being a girl, and if I ever had a boyfriend and I'd have to work hard to be "attractive" and crap, then I wouldn't even like him, so nevermind, that situtation doesn't even exist...

Why is it that sleazy females are looked down upon, whereas sleazy males are revered as studs? Take a certain female 2003-er from TAS (no, not 2c!) and a certain 2001 male graduate (who has an ego the size of the TAS swimming pool) as examples. Lots of people, male and female alike, all look down on the female, while countless girls flock around the male, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over him. (I'll admit that, as a freshman, I used to be one of those girls. I didn't flock around him, but I did admire from afar. :) YUCK, what the f*** was I thinking?!?!)

Yeah, that's stupid, I hate the double's just mean! Society sucks. I would look down at sleazy females AND males, if I knew any I think.

It is frustrating to be a girl. You get earlier curfews, and you can't take taxis at night without the lingering fear that you might get kidnapped, raped or robbed. Or at least I know I feel that way, but that's my mom's brainwashing on how unsafe Taiwan is. I guess everything to her is dangerous, seeing how we originate from Singapore.

I dont have a curfew...whats that? Not that I need one, I don't go out anywhere..hahahAHAHha...uh...that's not funny. I think Taiwan is relatively safe compared to other...cities? Places? I don't remember ever feeling uncomfortable in Taiwan, I would go out pretty late with my mum and there were hardly any people around, but places were still open and...stuff.

And of course, looking good for guys (not that I really care about THIS anymore, haha)... you want to pique interest, but not the type that goes along the lines of "How did she get THAT desperate?". But in the end, it doesn't really matter. Most guys will never stop checking girls out, even if they've got girlfriends, or wives for that matter. But I guess that all links back to how girls feel more pressured than guys do to look good, and that only means that we're succeeding.

Girls feel more pressured than guys? Hm...yeah I guess that's true, I don't, but then again guys are also concerned about their looks, especially the hair, don't you think? Like lots of guys seem to be into coloring their hair and putting gel in it, WHY I don't know, they look pretty, I just brush me, yup. As for checking out other girls, I see this just as human nature, as long as they don't cheat on their girlfriend/wife. I would think girls are just as likely to look at other guys as guys would in a relationship...maybe...okay, I really don't know, just a guess.

I'd actually really like to be a guy for a day, and see what it is that makes them so ga-ga when they see a random, pretty girl. Being a girl, I think it's rather pathetic that guys can be so shallow, following a girl around just because she's pretty. Yet, I can see why guys are more crazy after girls, than girls are crazy for boys, cuz females are a lot more beautiful than males are. :) Heh, and that's not supposed to offend anyone, cuz it IS the truth, isn't it? We get the hourglass figures, oomphs in all the right places, and it doesn't matter if we're petite. :P LOL.

I don't think I'd ever want to be a guy. I can't imagine going ga ga over a random, pretty girl, but maybe because I AM a girl...and girls are just as shallow, I learned this all throughout hig shcool that girls are terrible, although in a different way from guys. At my cafeteria table, some of the girls would point to some random guy and be like "HE'S HOT!" while I tried to digest my probably indigestible school lunch. In my opinion it's kind of stupid to point out every attractive person, but lots of girls are into this I guess...

Do you guys think it's possible to want to dress to impress oneself, and only oneself? I mean, I will be completely honest here, sometimes I like to dress in a certain way to make myself feel attractive. But is it completely possible to please oneself without the underlying knowledge that you are probably turning heads as well?

I'd say Yes?


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