August 12, 2001

I thought this was's from a bit about the Beta Band touring with Radiohead:

They couldn’t afford roadies either and MacLean said that problem was solved by, "Radiohead help us out with roading. They move a lot of our equipment on stage for us. Thom Yorke carries Steve’s [Mason] guitar on stage every night for him. They’re quite muscly. You wouldn’t think it, but Thom Yorke’s a tough wee guy."

HE'S A TOUGH WEE GUY..nehaha I can laugh, right? I mean, I don't doubt that Thom has muscles, but it just sounds funny, don't it? Oo well, the full article is here. Chart Attack even made Thom the photo of the week, that's nice! :)

I got this funny e-mail today:

you signed my guestbook. i have your ip now. mahhhahah i can go kill you.

just dont think about it. i was just joking. but you did sign my love me! i know. word

At least I thought it was funny.

I dont think this is a very nice review of the RH concert. These other ones aren't so bad: 1 | 2 | 3.

Apparently the Beta Band played Dry The Rain at the concert, although I definitely missed that. It's a nice song, really. Then again it's the only one of their songs that I listen to.

At Warp Records, you can sign up on the mailing list and then sometime later you'll get a URL to listen to the whole new Aphex Twin album...YAY!...I'm the only one that finds that exciting, eh? Should be


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