August 30, 2001

I put a little comment thing in this here blog...woo, more CRAP to deal with! It's like blogvoices, but isn't. Fun, no?

I got my Rufus pin today! Yaay I'll wear it proudly when I go see Rufus in October! That's less than 2 months...oo cool.

"It's Not Up To You" is a very nice song. Should you download it? Well assuming you haven't heard it, yessss, or else I'd be wasting my breath..

OH something happened tonite. My mum got a new car. I mean, it wasn't like SHOOM BAM BOOM new car, our lease was about up on a Jeep we've had for 3 years so she turned that in and got a...white one? White? White is pretty ugly for a car I think, but then again it's quite easy to see. So maybe it's nice. And the seats are fuzzy, not leather, which is nice! I decided to save the "WARNING CHILDREN CAN BE KILLED OR INJURED BY PASSENGER AIR BAG" tag that was sticking out of the glove compartment, although I don't know what i'm going to do with it. Hey, you don't see those every day! Maybe I'll just stick it in my locker when school starts. Lockers..*shudders*...remind me of, I mean, SCHOOL!

The typee stuff on this page should be JUSTIFIED now. Is it? ISS ITTT? ANSWER MEEEEE!eeee! E is a funny letter. When it's little like "e" it's like a dude with a mouth, you see what I mean? Wow. IS IT WORKING? FOOFAH!


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