August 25, 2001

I just watched the music video for "Come To Daddy" by Aphex Twin, and that was probably the freakiest music video I've ever seen. Really creepy. The song is ALREADY scary, but the video has got like lots of little kids running around that look like Alex and then in the end there's this really skinny dude who looks like him and he's screaming and stuff, and the kids are destroying stuff. KIDS are evil. Yup. That's the message that I got.

And now I'm listening to True Love Waits, which Radiohead played recently at a concert...very nice song, although I like the other recording of it Well in an interview Thom was talking about True Love Waits because I think someone asked if they'd be recording it and still doesn't seem like they'll be releasing a studio version of it. Foof................................okay, now the song is over...screaming commences...some guy just said "I LOVE YOU" or "WE LOVE YOU" possibly, hmmm. :)


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