August 27, 2001

I got this Bjork reminder that Vespertine comes out tomorrow, and the e-mail also says that Radiohead's new single comes out (Knives Out) tomorrow...thats funny, I guess a lot of Bjork fans are Radiohead fans. Which is true. A nice reminder, I'll go buy that. I mean, them.

I ate at a nice Greek restaurant for dinner. I had lamb over orzo in this tomato sauce...yum. And the dessert was funky too. I forget what it was but it was nice. Mm.

I watched two movies today...haven't been to the video store in ages, but I wanted to see the Joy Luck Club to refresh my memory (from last and the movie was good, a very good adaptation of the book. Sad, but nice, yeah. I also saw Requiem For a Dream which is a totally freaky kind of movie, not as freaky as Dancer in the Dark but kind of like that. Actually, not really. I'm okee, not totally shocked from it. Good acting though. I didn't know Marlon Wayans was in it, kind of weird ot see him in any non comedic role, you know? Maybe he should just stick to drama. I've never seen any movie with Jared Leto in it before but he was good...Jennifer Connelly was good too. Ellen Burstyn was pretty freaky to see, cos I watched "That's Life" every time I remember too (it's a really cute show) and she's just this nice mom who's...yeah...not crazy, in this movie she's totally like...yikes.

Okeee, that's all I can say. I guess I should have first said what the movie was about...well these four people, they're drug addicts, and the movie pretty much shows how drugs totally destroy their lives, woop. I wonder if all that stuff in the movie was realistic, if it was, that's just freaky.

But ANYWAAAY, laaadeedah, listening to Even right now, foofah, fun. Tomorrow I shall get Vespertine, be full of Bjork happiness. You shoudl secure yourself a copy too. The Knives Out single also comes out, but it's more important that you get Vespertine, because you won't be disappointed. And if you are, you can't be my friend, NAHAHA!, I'm serious...


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