August 25, 2001

Grr why do I always feel like people are lying to me? Okay...maybe I lied, not ALWAYS...not really everyone, but am I really that paranoid? Like somtimes I want to be totally anonymous, like at the beck bbs, although I'd stopped going there since the beginning of the week, and then...grr I dunno. I'm so bored...kind of sad too right now. People should just tell me the truth. Poot.

But none of you lie to me, eh? So you're all okay. I'm chatting with Peter right now. No one else is on. I think something is wrong with AIM. Stupid poop. No one uses ICQ anymore. At only point I had like 50 people on my list. I didn't know most of em though, I must have been an idiot in 7th grade.

Every Even Johansen song makes me sleepy. This is bad. I've gotten used to the whole album and I think every song is great, but jesus christ arrgh I feel tired, but not really. It's like, FAKE tired. I think I'll listen to Lidibo right now, that's still Even singing, but it doesn't make me sleepy. Well he doesn't really sound the same here...

Gerg this is sad, I'm still typing, why doesn't someone stop mee?


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