August 17, 2001

A good song to listen to anytime: Tricky Disco. It's a plone. I dunno what the song is supposed to sound like but I love this song, it makes my table shake. Hoooraah for subwoofers.

Hyper-ballad also makes the table woobly, but not as much. Unless I turn the volume up a lot. And it's not as much fun.

None of my friends are online now. Well, usually no one is on. I used to be able to count on Taiwan people to be on now, but they've started school, what a poo. I need to make friends with people in the right time region, so that when I'm on in the wee hours of the morning someone else will be on...actually, it's not that important that I have someone to talk to cos I usually don't anyway. Hm. Maybe I should talk to afrodog..."woof!"

I have to pee again. My butt still hurts. Ow. Need softer toilet paper...but it's already pretty cushy. I bet in heaven people have great toilet paper made from...poofy clouds or something. Actually that wouldn't make much sense...

I was at mello's journal and she wrote a bunch of goals for the upcoming, I have no goals. I mean I could make some up, but I probably wouldn't do em. In 9th grade my English class wrote an essay about our goals, just three goals, and I didn't do any of em. I got an A on the essay though.

My hair feels funny. Funnier than usual. It's a lump of crap, but I just washed it last night and maybe the shampoo did some weiiirrd things, chemical reactions not reacting correctly, because it's kind of stiff. Then again, hair is just dead crap anyway, right? Sometimes I think it's so silly seeing all these commercials about infusing your hair with 12 vitamins and bringing out the shine and..whatever. Yeah, hair is kind of dead, you can't bring it back to life.

Has anyone noticed how a lot of the women's fashion magazines have stepped into teenage territory? Teen Vogue? Cosmogirl? Elle Girl? Actually I'm not sure if Elle Girl exists, but something-girl...are there more teenagers than before, or do we just have a lot more money to spend? Probably lots of money. I don't see why there needs to be 20 different magazines for teenage girls. When I was in the dentist's office the other day, I picked up an issue of seventeen and it's totally mind numbing. Why is american culture so infatuated with clothings and trends and makeup and celebrities? That's probably a stupid's not just american culture, but it's so sad. Then again, I might just be as bad off as everyone else. I mean, I read Rolling Stone and Spin, which aren't really my favorite magazines but they're okay.

I got my Air documentary DVD today: Eating Sleeping Waiting and Playing. It was cool, quite different from Meeting People is Easy at least. Not so serious and daaark and glooomy. It'd be cool if Radiohead make a different tour video...more behind the scenes. That's what the Air one was like, showing them waking up in a hotel room, chatting backstage, being grilled at press junkets, walking around the tour bus. I mean, I like music and all, but the other stuff is cool too. The DVD also had the music videos, and my favorite was Kelly Watch The Stars, although Sexy Boy was funny too. In KWTS, Nicolas and JB (I'll never call him Jean Benoit again..hahahaha!) are playing Pong as a tennis table match goes on between Kelly, someone else. Yeah it's pretty weird. But it's just so funny because Nicolas and JB are SO into the game, and they're so adorable. HAHA LOOKIT EM PLAYING POOOONG! It's a riot.

But Sexy Boy definitely has it's moments...Nicolas and JB walking around NYC in safari gear. How cute. I should make a t-shirt that says "I *heart* MOON" like the monkey. I thought they sold those somewhere, but...I dont' remember where, so maybe I was wrong. Hm. The stuffed animal monkey is cute.

So yeah, still have to pee. I should do that...grr...still no one online.


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