August 22, 2001

Gee I've been posting a lot...poot.

I didn't want to wake up so early 10:30 AM...but there were two voices in my head; You're tired, keep sleeping!...YOUR INTESTINES ARE GOING TO XPLODE!

Since I didn't want intestine-explodee, I got up and walked to the bathroom while simultaneously wiping the crap out of my eyes and holding my glasses, that takes skill when you're half conscious. I was planning to go back to sleep afterwards, but then I was pretty wide-awake...argh.

Björk concert. Omg it was so great. Well the first third was horrible - they set up a video screen of someone piercing themselves with a needle, (in the sadistic and non body art sense) and sawed iron birdcages and did horrible things - we almost left. And then after an hour Björk came on. It was so amazing....... Ive never felt so touched by music before in my life!

First I was thinking "Huuh? That sounds freeeeaky..." but that must have been Matmos, cos they were using sounds stuff I think? I don't think I'd like Matmos much, I listened to some songs, but then again they were pretty involved with Vespertine...mmwell. Poop poop poop. That guy didn't even knooow about Bjork's concerts in France, and managed to buy tickets from eBay for $100 each, ARGghhhHHhHGageaggrAe I want tickets. I am angerryyyy...or...something.


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