August 07, 2001

DON'T LET ME FORGET! Tomorrow on Wednesday, Emiliana Torrini is going to be on Craig Kilborn (I think) and I don't want to miss it, but I keep forgetting...

Anyway, I'm still here, waiting till I have to go to NY...see radiohead..WOO! I got Chart magazine in the mail today with THOM on the cover (thanks to Heather!) and it's a strange interview. Thom talks about his son a bit, it's quite funny! Here's a bit of the interview:

So, the big deal in your life is that you had a baby boy, Noah.
That is chaos. That is chaos in a little bundle.
What is he like?
Well apparently he looks like me. Poor sod.
Does he look like you?
He's a mini-me. At least at the moment.

*blah blah blah blah blah...*

How old is he now?
He's three months now.
And he's quite a big boy?
He's massive.
He's like a large blob?
He's a huge, great big blob.

Well, isn't that Blobs. Blob babies. Attack of the BLOB BABIES!

In the new issue of Rolling Stone (which I also got today) Sigur Ros is in it. Woo! AND Mum is in it! That was a surprise! Well there's an accent over the u but I don't know how to do it, I should figure it out. Wait, I know...Múm! There I did it, woo! Yes, they rule. Maybe their album will be more readily available now...or not, but I quite like them. Oh yeah, they're in the mag as "Hot Icelandic Import" and last year that was pretty much was Sigur Rós last year. Well maybe they were just Hot New Band or something. But woo! Loudon Wainwright III is in there too (Rufus's dad, he seems a bit strange, he sang a weird song on Conan once) and apparently he's going to play a dad in the new Fox sitcom "Undeclared"...that show looks weird, man. It's by the dude who made Freaks and Geeks though, so that's cool! :)


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