August 15, 2001

Cristen told me that in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the $32,000 question was "What popular rock band released a acclaimed album in 2000 entitled Kid A?" and 85% of the audience guessed LIMP BIZKIT?! Even if they didn't know the name of the album, the "critically accalimed" part shoudl have told them "NOT limp bizkit"...I mean, they're not. NOOoo. FOR CHRIST'S SAKE this is sad!

Anyway. Interested in hearing on of Aphex Twin's new songs? Click here.

Toodaaay my mum and I went to NY to see Riverdance. For me, it was the 4th time...for my mum, the 5th. It's much better up close, you can see their facial expressions, and I found out that when they're all dancing they do a lot of "woo!"-ing and stuff, kind of like to encourage each other I guess. They look like they're having lots of fuuun! Yee. Smiley and's nice!

And I had REALLY GOOD fried, I've been eating a lot lately! But my weight has been evening out, hey I fit into my pants that I couldn't really fit into before. NAARG! Anyway...fresh fried calamari is so yummy, it's not chewy and...yeah. Cos frozen is like that, you chew it for ages, but this stuff was yumyum. AND I GOT CREME BRULEE! My faavorite! Mm!

After the show, tons of people went to wait in line at the parking garage so my mum and I went to China Fun and got 4 different types of dumplings. It was like past midnite and people were still coming in to eat, which is okay I guess, but still, why are they eating dinner so late? I dunno. And THEN we went to Starbucks for the first time in..a while, and I got a caramel brownie frapuccino, and it was yumnumnum.

So my tummy is happy and full of stuff!


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