August 29, 2001

Chocolate is yummmmy. I mean, everyone knows that, but anyway, today my mum got some nice chocolates she ordered onlien from here and they're so good. Is there no good American chocolate? Seems like all the best chocolate is in France. THE CHOCOLATE IS SO GOOD you should buy some and see what I'm talkin about...mmmmm...HAZELNUT! Gimme some.

Chocolate cookie also yummy. I said that before, didn't I? Well I popped it into the microwave for 15 seconds (microwave, how I love thee) and it was all niiice and warm, cheeewwyyy melted chocolate bits in chocolate cookie lots of chocolate makes my tummy happy!

Okay, gotta talk about something else besides, I shouldn't eat so much food. I used to have some kind of infatuation with cookies, but I kind of forget what that was about. That was last summer. I know that much. Maybe it's good that bits of information become loose from my brain. Now if only I could do that at will...bash my head with a hammer, wee!

Hum dum deedum, I was going to start writing my stupid note cards for school, but neh, haven't done it. Maybe tomorrow? Probably not. Before school starts I'll have it done. WOO. Kill me.

I'm quite loving "Private Jinx" by Even...J...Jay...EEE JAY...okay, I shouldn't call him that. But anyway.


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